The Church Of Satan Thinks Sam Smith’s ‘Unholy’ Grammys Performance Was ‘Nothing Particularly Special’

Sam Smith and Kim Petras’ Grammys performance of “Unholy” was sure to garner some attention after Smith wore a hat with horns and all the performers onstage donned complete red ensembles.

So, basically, right-wing politicians are dubbing it as Satanic worship and imagery that invokes the devil… not like the song is called “Unholy.”

It seems that they shouldn’t have much to worry about, as the Church Of Satan’s magister David Harris offered his thoughts to TMZ on Smith and Petras’ so-called tribute to Satan. He notes that he only thought of it as “alright” and “nothing particularly special,” while noting that the performance (and the pushback) don’t particularly align with the church’s beliefs.

“It’s sad when politicians on a national stage use someone’s religion as a punchline,” Harris added.

However, something controversial that Harris did feel aligned was Lil Nas X’s music video for “Montero (Call Me By Your Name).” In it, Lil Nas twerks on the devil himself and ascends the pretend throne.

“For the uninitiated… Satanists don’t actually worship Satan, nor do they believe in God or the Devil,” he added. “They’re opposed to anything supernatural and all spirituality, and with no belief in the afterlife, Satanists emphasize being your true self, personal achievement and living life to the fullest… with one of the key tenants being individuals are their own Gods.”

Watch Smith and Petras’ not-so-satanic “Unholy” performance from the 2023 Grammys above.