Harry Styles Seemingly Caused A Fan To Faint With A Simple Gesture During The Final ‘Late Late Show’ Episode

James Corden illustrated Harry Styles’ aura during an interview with Howard Stern earlier this week by admitting that his celebrity was nothing compared to Styles’ during past vacations, as Corden was only acknowledged by fans to take photos of them with Styles.

Styles was one of Corden’s guests for the final episode of The Late Late Show With James Corden last night, April 27. Around the 17:45-minute mark of the full episode on YouTube, Styles was revealed to the audience. He began walking toward the stage and casually fist-bumped an excited fan.

She promptly fainted, it appeared.

Will Ferrell surfaced at the same doorway twenty seconds later, and the fan had recovered enough to stand and clap for him.

Later, a Twitter user claiming to be that fan offered an update, writing, “THIS WAS ME AND I DID NOT FAINT. I simply gracefully melted into my seat after the man locked eyes w me.” She wrote in another tweet, “ppl thinking I was paid or a James corden writer …literally I fucking wISH IT WAS JUST MY INITIAL REACTION.”

Once Ferrell and Styles were seated on the couch across from Corden, Styles revealed a “Late Late” tattoo on his arm because the show has meant so much to him since it premiered with Corden in 2015. Ferrell requested one last game of “Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts,” which led to Styles being forced to address whether a One Direction reunion will ever happen.

“I would never say to never to that. I think if there was a time where we all felt like that was what we wanted to do, then I don’t see why we wouldn’t,” he said.

I can only imagine how viscerally the Previously Fainted Fan reacted when Styles said that.

Watch the full episode above.