Justin Bieber Said He Wants To Start Trying To Have Kids With Hailey By ‘The End Of 2021’

The new documentary detailing Justin Bieber’s massive New Year’s Eve performance in 2020, the Michael Ratner-directed Justin Bieber: Our World, is officially out today on Amazon Prime. After an exclusive screening in Las Vegas last night as part of Justin Bieber & Friends, The Vegas Weekender presented by Pollen, the documentary is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

And for all the Beliebers out there, the documentary doesn’t disappoint. It’s an excellent mix of footage from his performance last New Year’s Eve — which marked a return to the stage after a nearly three-year hiatus since the Purpose tour — and the lead up to planning the show during last year’s pre-vaccine, COVID-19 reality. There’s also plenty of self-shot footage of Bieber and his new wife Hailey as they settle into their brand new relationship as husband and wife.

One of the topics that comes up during one of their early morning walks? Justin’s preferred timeline for when the coupe starts having kids of their own. On the day of the big show, as he’s detailing his plans for the rest of the coming year, Justin tells a surprised Hailey he’s ready to start having kids. “Do you have an intention for 2021?” his wife asks, which kicks off a very personal response from the pop star.

“My intention for 2021 is to continue to set goals and have fun while doing them. Make sure I put my family first… and hopefully we squish out a nugget,” he finishes with a mischievous look. “Uh – in 2021!?!” Hailey responds. “The end of 2021? We start trying?” He responds. “I don’t know… maybe,” the person who would actually have to bear the child understandably says. “We shall see.” The cute exchange starts around the 1:11 mark for fans who want to check it out for themselves.

And for those with Amazon Prime, you can check out the whole documentary here.