‘Justin Bieber: Our World’ Takes A Look At The Build-Up To His 2020 New Year’s Eve Concert

After the release of his new album, Justice, earlier this year, Justin Bieber has been back on his A-game. Arguably, the resurgence started directly after the release of his Changes album at the top of 2020. After a period of quiet during the early pandemic, Bieber began to slowly release new singles like “Lonely” with Benny Blanco and “Holy” with Chance The Rapper that reflected a more vulnerable, intimate look at where the singer’s head was at.

These new songs along with other singles like “Anyone” and “Hold On” would eventually be part of Justice, but at the time momentum was building and fans were thrilled to discover that Bieber was going to be hosting a massive livestream concert for New Year’s Eve 2020. Hey, livestreams aren’t normally the most exciting thing in the world, but after a year of lockdown and isolation, it felt like a prescient good omen for the coming year. Justin Bieber: Our World is a new documentary from filmmaker Michael D. Ratner that follows Bieber and his team for the month building up to the show, along with self-shot moments from Bieber and Hailey that capture the couple navigating their new relationship during the isolation.

Check out the trailer above, the film drops on Amazon Prime Video on October 8.