Kacey Musgraves Called Out Ted Cruz At ACL Festival By Tinkering With The Lyrics To One Of Her Songs

With so many artists bringing him up all the time, Ted Cruz must think he’s pretty cool. Oh wait… they’re actually never singing the Texas seantor’s praises and pretty much always criticizing him when he makes curious decisions like fleeing to Cancun in the midst of a massive power outage that’s affecting millions of Texans, or questioning Mr. T’s public health efforts.

Speaking of singing though, that’s exactly how Kacey Musgraves chose to make her feelings about Cruz heard while on stage at the Austin City Limits music festival this past weekend. Tweaking the lyrics to one of her songs was the perfect way to describe Cruz and his never-ending buffoonery.

During Musgraves’ performance of her hit “High Horse,” in the middle of her Sunday night set at the festival, she added a jab at Cruz in the lyrics. She sang: “‘Cause everyone knows someone who kills the buzz, every time they open up their mouth… Ted Cruz.” And as the crowd roars, she replies, “I said what I said,” before not skipping a beat on the rest of the tune.

A Texas native herself, Musgraves made and sold shirts last year that said “Cruzin For Bruzin’,” while donating the proceeds to homeless immigrants and Texans affected by power-outage-causing storms.