Lady Gaga Thanks Her Italian Fans For Their Support During ‘House Of Gucci’ Filming

If you care about pop stars turned movie stars, Lady Gaga, or just internet memes, then the fact that Mother Monster was filming House Of Gucci in Italy was probably already on your radar. That first look photo of that circulated of Adam Driver and Stefani Germanotta decked out in their very ’90s costumes for the film ensured that plenty of people who aren’t fashionistas or Joanne super fans found out about the movie. But now, it looks like filming is wrapping up for the project, and at the end of the project Gaga has some heartfelt words for the support she felt from Italian fans during the filming.

“I wish to thank all of Italy for cheering me on while I film this movie—I hug & kiss you, tell you I believe in you,” she wrote on Twitter earlier today. “To my place of origin—a country built on the promise of hard work & family. I hope I made you proud. I’m proud to be Italian. Ti Amo. #HouseOfGucci.”

It’s no surprise she’s feeling a little emotional toward the end of this project, after all, it was right in the middle of all of this that her beloved dogs were stolen and her dog watcher was shot and seriously injured in the process. Luckily those dogs are safely home, and Gaga is about to return there, too. It might’ve been a rough start to 2021, but now she’s full of gratitude for fans, even leaving flowers for them and blowing a kiss:

Now, could we get a Chromatica tour on the books? Thanks Stef!