Selena Gomez And Coldplay Are Teasing A Song Together Called ‘Let Somebody Go’

A pop star like Selena Gomez might’ve been an unlikely collaborator for Coldplay on prior albums. Sure, they’ve worked with Beyonce, but still the band’s indie rock roots were running deep. Enter the Music Of The Spheres era, though, and a lot of things have changed. They’re working with Max Martin on production, collaborating with the biggest K-Pop group in the world, BTS, and yes, have enlisted Selena for a feature on a new track. Both the band and Gomez shared the news today, along with a brief clip of their collaborative new track.

While Selena just shared the music on Twitter, the Coldplay account also offered a bit more info about the song. It’s called “Let Somebody Go” and as mentioned before will be part of Music Of The Spheres, which drops on October 15. What they didn’t share in the teaser, though, is when this new single will be shared. So stay tuned on updates for that. Check out the teasers below:

For her part, Gomez has also had a pretty busy year. She released her first-ever Spanish-language EP, Revelación, and received a strong positive reaction from fans to the project as it topped the Latin charts. It sounds like she’ll be singing in English for this latest track, but you never know.