SZA Teased New Music From Lizzo, Calling It ‘The Best Song I Ever Heard In My Life ‘

While plenty of her own fans are clamoring for SZA to give a timeline on new music, the R&B star was spending her weekend gushing over new music from another great new voice in the space – Lizzo. After dropping “Good Days” on Christmas Day of 2020, a return to form that reminded fans of the melodic power and narrative thrust of all the best SZA songs, the TDE singer tweeted yesterday that she’d just been exposed to “the best song I ever heard in my life” via new music from Lizzo.

Never one to hold back she also shared that the song made her cry, though she didn’t share much more information or reveal whether or not it would be a collaboration between the two — we can dream, right? Obviously, fans are excited to get a new project from Lizzo, too, but she released her breakout album Cuz I Love You in 2019, not all that long ago, while Solana’s breakout CTRL was all the way back in 2017. It’s been four years since her last drop, so fans are understandably a bit more antsy. Still, the support between these two women is a great thing to see, and once I hear whatever song SZA is talking about in the tweet, odds are I’ll be crying too.

Can we get it soon ladies? 2021 has already been rough, a great new pop song would be welcome.