Jack Sweeney, Taylor Swift’s Jet Tracker, Maintains He Has Done ‘Nothing Unlawful’ By Sharing Swift’s Flight Details

Jack Sweeney, known for running the now-closed Instagram and Threads accounts @taylorswiftjets, isn’t backing down. Last month, Taylor Swift‘s team reportedly sent Sweeney a cease-and-desist after Sweeney shared details of Swift‘s private jet travels and flight activity. This week, Sweeney took to X (formerly Twitter) to share the letter from Swift’s team.

The letter accuses Sweeney of “stalking behavior” and demands that he close the accounts, as he was allegedly posting up-to-date information about Swift’s locations, potentially revealing such details to stalkers. Sweeney has since closed the accounts, but he maintains that he has done nothing illegal.

Sweeney shared a letter on his X account, written by his attorney to Swift’s legal team, noting that what Sweeney had done didn’t violate any sort of laws.

“Put simply, there is nothing unlawful about GRNDCTRL’s use of publicly accessible information to track private jets, including those by public figures like Taylor Swift,” wrote Sweeney’s attorney James Slater, as Swift’s flight records were already public information.

Slater continued, noting that Sweeney had done nothing more than share information that was already available to the public.

“Our clients have never made any threats against Ms. Swift and your letter does not suggest they have done so,” Slater said. “Further, your letter’s tone is unfounded.”