Somehow, Ticketmaster Couldn’t Even Get A John Mayer Onsale Right

Last week, John Mayer revealed he’s going on tour this year. Not only that, but all the shows will be solo, and Mayer has never gone on a tour like this before. This is a big deal for Mayer stans, as it’s a chance to see the singer-songwriter on stage like they never have. So, there was much excitement when pre-sale began today (February 1) at 9 a.m. local time. The pretty much universally hated Ticketmaster is the ticket vendor here, and unfortunately, fans are upset because it appears things did not go well once Mayer tickets were made available.

Mayer was actually a trending topic on Twitter today after the pre-sale went live. The tweets are primarily Mayer fans who are angry over issues like getting kicked out the ticket queue and seeing Mayer’s tickets on resale platforms like StubHub for inflated prices, all while many fans are unable to secure their own tickets at face value.

One fed-up fan tweeted, “How have we not collectively destroyed Ticketmaster at this point? I went to a hundred concerts from 2007-2014 with zero issue ever getting tickets. You cannot tell me John Mayer is selling out in this our year of 2023. You sold them all to resellers. I see them on StubHub.” Another wrote, “The fact that I’ve been sitting in the queue for 30 minutes for @JohnMayer tickets while they’re already on stub hub truthfully makes my f*cking blood boil. People just shouldn’t be allowed to buy tickets just to flip them. I hate everyone right now.”

Meanwhile, nervous Beyoncé fans are presumably watching this all unfold: She just announced her Renaissance tour today, and those tickets are set to be sold through Ticketmaster.

Find some more Mayer reactions below.