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Pictured above is what’s left of Arizona State’s indoor practice facility after a flash storm with 75-mph winds tore through the Phoenix area last night.  By all reports, pieces of the newly opened, $8.4 million bubble dome were thrown across campus.

Russell Schilt, a 22-year-old ASU student, said he walked about the school’s practice facility to see the bubble roof in shreds from the storm. Schilt said he was surprised at the damage the new building took.

“The bubble dome had complete deflated,” he said.

No one was hurt, [AD] Brand said. The 103,500-square-foot facility was just completed this month…. It [was] a bubble of fabric supported by air pressure, the ASU official said.

Man what an asshole storm.  Who knew that a desert could have such harsh, unforgiving weather?

[Wired Devils/Cactus Ranch]

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