03.09.09 9 years ago 6 Comments

Charles Barkley knocked out that 36 hours of jail time last week, which included 12 hours of work release, Jail doesn’t sound so turrble after all:

Barkley, a TNT studio analyst, reported to the jail Saturday morning wearing a blue warm-up suit with red stripes. He was not required to wear a jail uniform or the county’s signature pink underwear because he got work release, Sheriff Joe Arpaio said.

Barkley spent about 36 hours in jail after getting 12 hours of work release on Sunday and Monday. He was housed in a separate tent from the other inmates for his safety, and meals were brought to him. The Hall of Fame player also must pay more than $2,000 in fines and install an ignition-interlock device on his vehicles.

Only in Arizona could jail be that much fun. I blame McCain. I’m sure when he was in Hanoi, getting the tar beaten out of him every day, he’d crawl back into his cell and think to himself, “This prison thing wouldn’t be so bad if I could just work on my tan.”


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