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Todd Haley has had it with Chan Gailey’s foolishness; the Kansas City Chiefs head coach fired his offensive coordinator today, two days after Matt Cassel suffered a ligament sprain in his knee scrambling out of the pocket in the first quarter of the team’s third preseason game. They’re 0-3, and I’ll mention that like it really matters.

The Chiefs said head coach Todd Haley would address Gailey’s status with the team after Monday’s practice.

The Chiefs had retained Gailey when Haley was hired in the offseason. via.

There’s no indication whether or not Gailey will take another position with the team, but even if he did get Haley’s quarterback dinged up, it would be downright cold to throw a coach out on the street less than two weeks before the season started. But Haley knows he’s fighting against the current and must take drastic measures to get his team on track. These head coaches are under so much pressure these days; that’s why I tend to be sympathetic whenever these guys fire assistants, punch out assistants, or dress up as clowns to terrify schoolchildren. Not that any coaches have dressed up as clowns yet, but when they do, I’ll be waiting with open arms, ready to forgive.

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