06.18.08 10 years ago 17 Comments

For Braves fans, it's not enough simply to disparage the conquered, noble Injun peoples by doing tomahawk chops and cliched warrior moans, they needed to bring a giant mechanical cow in on the act. Me smoke 'em racist pipe.

Chick-fil-A's metro Atlanta restaurants are taking the company's cow campaign to new heights, hoisting a 40-foot tall, 15,000-pound, tomahawk-chopping mechanical cow atop the Braves' stadium.

The cow is expected to arrive in Atlanta this weekend and be unveiled at the June 20 game against the Seattle Mariners. Look for it between the big Coca-Cola bottle and the out-of-town scoreboard.

The local Chick-fil-A operators wanted to do something that clearly tied the chicken sandwich chain to its Atlanta roots, said Robin Ogle, Atlanta area marketing director for Chick-fil-A.

Poor fat-ass Andruw Jones. He takes big money to depart for Los Angeles so that he can slump abjectly. And now? They stick 15,000 lbs. of cow in the outfield, conveniently next to a giant soda bottle. Throw in some grits and he'd have been set. Can you believe all this organic food they try to make him eat out in L.A.? At least they're not asking for him to produce on the field. Running with 15 Dodger dogs in his esophagus is not advisable.

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