10.23.08 9 years ago 14 Comments

Yesterday, we joined voices and became a single Arien Nation in support of Arien O’Connell, the fastest runner at Nike’s Women’s Marathon who was denied victory because she didn’t declare herself “elite.”  Nike then:

“At this point,” Nike media relations manager Tanya Lopez said Monday, “we’ve declared our winner.”

Nike now:

Nike recognizes Arien O’Connell as a winner in last weekend’s Nike Women’s Marathon completing the full race in 2:55:11… Arien will receive the same recognition and prize, including a Tiffany & Co. trophy, the full marathon elite group winner received…

Learning from the unique experience in this year’s race, Nike has decided today to eliminate the elite running group from future Nike Women’s Marathons. Next year, all runners will run in the same group and all will be eligible to win.

And all because of our righteous indignation at Nike for sucking.  Well, not really “our.”  That credit goes to Half-Fast and the weirdos who care about running.  I was really just in it to be part of the pissed-off mob.  I hardly ever get to use my pitchfork these days.

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