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“This is gonna be the best All-Star Weekend ever!”” title=”“This is gonna be the best All-Star Weekend ever!”” class=”alignright size-full wp-image-41″ />

NBA commish David Stern has started the season 2-0, abusing Knicks management and Lakers owner Jerry Buss in his first actions of the season.  Regarding MSG's $12 million loss in a sexual harrassment suit, Stern wasn't exactly guarded with his feelings:

"It demonstrates that they're not a model of intelligent management. There were many checkpoints along the way where more decisive action would have eliminated this issue."

Mind you, that's only a statement on the organization's culture.  When asked about how Isiah Thomas assembled an overpaid, borderline mediocre team, Stern said, "Oh, that guy. Total dipshit."

In other news, remember how Jerry Buss got busted for DUI back in May?  Well, he got convicted, and Stern rewarded him with a $25K fine and a two-game suspension.  Oh no, not a suspension!  But who will sit in the owner's box and watch the game from afar through a monocle?  They're going to have to sign some poor millionaire without a team to a ten-day contract or something.  Maybe they can grab Starbucks CEO/former Sonics owner Howard Schultz for a couple days.  "Okay, dude, just sit back and relax, maybe look down to the court once a quarter.  And try not to sell the team to a shithead from Oklahoma, huh?"

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