08.21.09 9 years ago

When the Pittsburgh Steelers saw charter buses waiting outside of their facility in Latrobe, Pennsylvania yesterday, they assumed that their coach was allowing them to skip their last day of camp and go to a movie theater. But head coach Mike Tomlin had different ideas. In fact, he was executing a prank conceived by Steelers kicker Jeff Reed.

It was all a ruse — there were no movies, no bowling alley excursion, no break on the last day at camp. Practice went on, and Tomlin only grinned at the prank orchestrated by Reed, the team’s best-known jokester. The Arizona Cardinals may have had a day at the movies this week, but there will be no such day off for the Steelers.

“Just a little mental warfare,” Tomlin said. “Sometimes people need to be horribly disappointed and then asked to perform. And they did pretty well.” via.

Reed–who wasn’t in on the joke as it happened–was actually hoping that Tomlin was planning to trick him and send the team out anyway. Like Reed had such a hard day ahead of him–kicking balls while kicking back beer* sounds like a better vacation than a lot of people get. And that’s his job. The only thing easier would be sitting in front of a computer all day and making fun of a…oh.

*Probably not true

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