Get Your Scarves Ready, Hipsters

10.26.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

As teams from approximately 60 colleges and high schools strap broomsticks between their legs and pretend to fly to Manhattan for the 2010 Quidditch World Cup, I find myself almost shocked to tell you that the worst part of this story isn’t that hundreds of Harry Potter fans have turned this “sport” up a notch. Nope, the real mind-numbing news is that these “athletes” are petitioning for NCAA status for a game taken from a children’s book and played by hipsters and nerds. If these broom-riding Ron Weaslys have their way, Quidditch could be coming to your university in a major way soon enough. And here I thought we were trying to stop bullying.

But before we go getting too up-in-arms about this campaign, remember that it takes at least 40 universities to even get the NCAA to pay notice to a potential new sport. Still, imagine the joy on the faces of the men’s tennis team as they’re told that they can’t play anymore because Title IX requires them to forfeit their scholarships for a women’s Quidditch team. This has awesome written all over it.

Make me change my mind about this silly Quidditch nonsense, Wall Street Journal:

At this year’s event, there will be owls and wizards on the sidelines, as in previous years, but also entertainers, some more used to performing in subways. Teams registered range from Ivy League Yale to football powerhouse Ohio State. Some get school funding, while others are unofficial squads, scrambling to find equipment.

When New York University sophomore Sarah Landis heard the championship was coming to New York, she decided it was time to get a team going. More than 60 students attended the first meeting, she says.

Great, owls and wizards. It’s like a Canadian porno.

The article also has some quotes from people who “play” this “sport” and they mention how brutal it can be. Sorry, but the only brutality that I want out of this involves those broomsticks being shoved somewhere. But maybe I’m just being cranky as usual. You be the judges, and take a look at the brutality of this footage of the Harvard Quidditch team.

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