Hair is Worth 17 Grand

06.01.10 9 years ago 5 Comments

As you may have heard, America is not doing all too well financially. Thankfully, NBA players still have plenty of money to throw around on nonsensical wagers. The Orlando Magic’s resident Frenchmen Mickael Pietrus was the subject of such a wager; he was challenged to go a whole season without cutting his hair. The prize for staying out of Supercuts? $17,000.

This $17,000 was put up by teammates Dwight Howard, Rashard Lewis, and Jameer Nelson, and it was reported by Yahoo! Sports that they were in for “widely different sums…” –Blacksportsonline

Now, I’m certainly no full on rapist however, there are certainly better things you could do with 17,000 dollars. You could feed an African village for a year, or something else that make Bono get a Bono-er. That being said, it is their money, and they have the right to do whatever they want with it. Like make wagers with me, for example. I would do a lot more than grow out my hair for 17 grand. Hell, I’m growing a Barry Melrose mullet for $200. I could do something really awesome; like punch a homeless man in the face, or moon the president.

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