11.07.06 12 years ago 4 Comments

What blows my mind is that teams — namely, shitty Super Bowl champions with assneck fans — have lost to the Raiders. Oakland is unfathomably bad. Last night, Maurice Morris entered the game averaging 2.9 yards per carry. He left looking like LaDainian Tomlinson (30 carries, 138 yards). Andrew Walter got sacked nine times. Drew Bledsoe watched that game and was like, "Man, I had no idea how well I move." If the Seahawks were any good, it would have been a lot more lopsided than 16-0.

But Raiders fans still have something to cheer for, other than eight more opportunities this season to wear tin foil and foam spikes. Here's Tyler Brayton classing it up, Oaktown-style:

The obvious joke, after Jerramy Stevens bounces away from that knee to the groin, is to call him a woman, but we all know that women have softer hands.

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