It's Not A Date. Faith Hill And Chris Johnson Are, You Know, Just Friends.

09.08.10 8 years ago 12 Comments

This meeting between country music star Faith Hill and Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson reminds me of one of those internet dating commercials, only this refuses to end. They wind up going to some cafeteria-style restaurant, which always makes for a good impression. Nothing says “I just renegotiated my contract” like a box of chocolate milk with two straws in it.

I do particularly enjoy Hill’s attempts to beat a conversation out of the guy. “So what do you eat before a game?” “When did you get your teeth capped?” “Do you wash your hair with root beer and daschund pee? It has so much body to it!” C’mon Chris. She’s been waiting all day for Sunday night. Give her something. via Last Angry Fan.

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