Keion Bell Jumped Over Children

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10.19.10 3 Comments

On Friday, men’s college basketball programs across the nation celebrated the first practices of the 2010-11 season with their respective Midnight Madness events, and none of them matter because Pepperdine University is the toast of the town. Junior guard Keion Bell became an Internet sensation last year when a PU (tee hee!) student captured footage of his astonishing dunk over five people at the 2009 Blue & Orange Madness. But this year he wasn’t going to jump just five, he wasn’t going to even jump six. No way, broseph. Keion was jumping seven people. Sure, they were kids. But after he braised their heads with his jock, they were adults.

Life-altering video of a man, a ball and a dream after the jump.

People throughout the Webiverse are going nuts for Bell’s dunk, and as a dude who once judged a Hooters bikini contest I thought I would get out my scoring cards. I’m giving the dunk a 7, but I’m zany so it’s upside down. Either way, that’s pretty generous because I’m just not feeling this dunk. Call me a hater, but 1) He pushes off the first kid’s shoulders, B) Short Round in front doesn’t even count, and III) He barely makes the basket. Maybe I’m just spoiled, having grown up with dunking greats like Harold Miner and Brent Barry, but I expect thunder and lightning.

But then again, it’s hard to be so critical when Bell’s dunk inspired so much insanity that people had to run in circles because of it. It was also so good that Bell apparently wants to mime cooking preparation for us. Is he making an omelet? Is he whipping cake batter? Who knows, he’s that unpredictable. This dunk is great news, though, for the Waves when they run their patented “dunk over seven children” offense this season.

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