LeBron is Better than the Chosen People

10.18.06 12 years ago 2 Comments

LeBron James nearly registered a triple-double in only three quarters of work as the Cavaliers stomped Israeli champs Maccabi Tel Aviv 93-67 in Cleveland. Drew Gooden shot 9-of-11 from the field and even Larry Hughes kind of looked like a fraction of the $60 million was worth it.

I was disappointed that former NCAA players Rodney Buford (Creighton) and Will Bynum (Georgia Tech) play for Maccabi. I had a whole bunch of Jewish jokes lined up. But not the typical "running the media" jokes, because Israelis are different than American Jews. They kick a lot more ass. Probably because every country in a 1000-mile radius has at one time tried to go to war with them. Plus the IDF uses the Merkava (pictured), one of the baddest-ass tanks in the world.

One of my RAs in college had spent a year in the IDF. My God, she had a fucking killer rack. Stacked like a month of newspapers. I don't know how this post stopped being about LeBron, but when my mind wanders it usually ends up at tits. 

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