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Baltimore Orioles fans who live in Maryland can now acquire a license plate with Cal Ripken Jr.'s visage:

Maryland sports fans can already buy license plates that show off their interest as hunters, bowlers and runners. But can those plates affect their cars' performance? . . . "Maybe the cars with the Ripken plates will last longer," Stan Charles said. "The Iron Man never broke down, so maybe the cars won't break down, either."

Ha!  Mr. Charles you certainly are the wittiest man alive since the passing of Charles Nelson Reilly.  Are motorists who aren't hunters, bowlers, runners, or people who know other drivers don't care what the fuck they're into (Exception: threesomes of 1 man and 2 women) clamoring for these new plates?

"We can sell 9,999 of these," Charles said. By last night, he said, he had received inquiries for 200. . . . "It sounds corny, but this is a way for us here in Maryland to puff out our chests when we travel to Virginia, New York or Massachusetts," he said. "It's a way to show our pride in having one of the real icons of baseball – and a clean icon at that."

No, that's not corny.  Unless Marylanders define 'corny' as 'ridiculously absurd'. -KD

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