Mike Shanahan Was Right: McNabb Sucks At The Hurry-Up

11.01.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

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It’s a pretty big deal, sadly, whenever the Detroit Lions beat anybody, and the walkaway story from their conquest over Washington yesterday was that Redskins coach Mike Shanahan benched his star quarterback with the game on the line. Donovan McNabb found himself riding the pine as Rex Grossman–who has played in all of four games since 2007–fumbled on his first snap under center. Shanahan’s reasoning? Grossman, he said, gave the team

But here’s the rub: it’s true. Totally true.

Need proof? Go back to the Redskins’ Sunday night game against the Colts. This is the same game, by the way, that the Redskins faithful were praised for being “the best fans in the league” before they walked out en masse as their team trailed by 9 points with just under nine minutes remaining, but never mind that. McNabb would take that ensuing possession down the field to score a touchdown, but in doing so gobbled up too much time for the ‘Skins to mount an effective drive on their next possession.

And then I–the anointed “football expert” among my inner circle–was left explaining to my friends why McNabb can’t seem to read the clock running down. Uh, I think he’s trying to get the defense some rest, because they uh OH CAN YOU AT LEAST JOG TO THE GADDAMNED LINE, DONOVAN!

Have you ever seen a gaggle of fat women walking down the sidewalk together? And you’re stuck behind them, looking for some sort of opening to briskly power-walk through? That’s McNabb running the two-minute offense. He’s a fat woman walking down the sidewalk, and he’s just gonna take his sweet-assed time getting his boys to the line and he doesn’t care about me or the remnants of a 90,000-plus crowd making Kirstie Alley jokes behind him.

Shanahan has reiterated that McNabb will still be the starter as the Danielskins wait a week to face Philly at home. But Shanahan said Rex Grossman gave the team a better chance to win. Against the Lions. Chew on that for a while.

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