New York Jets Tripper Apologizes

12.13.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

Sal Alosi, the guy on the New York Jets who tripped a Miami Dolphins player during their game on Sunday, has apologized for that action both in a statement and during the Jets’ media conference today. The team’s head strength and conditioning coach faces disciplinary action from a safety-obsessed NFL as they review the incident.

“I made a mistake that showed a total lapse in judgment,” Alosi said in a statement released by the Jets about two and a half hours after the game. “My conduct was inexcusable and unsportsmanlike and does not reflect what this organization stands for.”

The oppressed–Dolphins cornerback Nolan Carroll–would eventually return to action later in the game.

“We got a W. That’s not my problem,” Carroll said. “That’s the Jets’ problem. We just move on. I felt contact, but I’ve got to watch film. I can’t comment on it right now.”


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Nobody seems to be discussing the fact that Carroll was legally out of bounds during the play, or that Alosi was standing on the sideline in an area where he was permitted to do so, and maybe we shouldn’t be. We expect the NFL, who goes out of their way to inject conformity and uniformity into its product, to be above this sort of thing, and I’m hard-pressed to think of a punishment that’s too severe. Of course, one measure of discipline seems obvious: name him the new strength and conditioning coach of the Cincinnati Bengals.

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