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Newspapers often create obituaries for public figures long before they actually become worm food. Once completed, the papers then generally refrain from making reference to that person's death until, you know, they shuffle loose this mortal coil.

Not those trailblazers at The Courier-Journal in Louisville, who this morning in a Metro story implied that Muhammad Ali has passed away. Hey, no big whoop, mistakes happen, he's only the most famous person to hail from that town, uh, ever. Why should they be keeping tabs on him?

To their credit, the paper has corrected the error, but only after getting an angry visit from the Grim Reaper. "Hey, quit killing people before I get a chance to do it," Death said. "I like to savor it with famous people. Yves Saint-Laurent was a real treat. Gay people always go out fabulously. Hey, it's all right, I'm sorry. It's just a stressful gig, this reaping. Put 'er there. HAHAHA! They fall for that one every time."

[The Sugar Sheet

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