04.01.09 9 years ago 3 Comments

So Jay Cutler, upset about the fact that the Broncos were planning to trade him, is now asking for the Broncos to plan on trading him. I’m sure if I was some emo kid from Vanderbilt that such logic would make perfect sense to me. And nobody knows where Culter will end up; Everybody wants Cutler, it seems, except the Broncos. I wouldn’t rule out former Bucs coach Jon Gruden buying Cutler’s contract outright and just having him do chores around the Gruden house. He’s got a thing for quarterbacks.

In Long Island, police are investigating the deaths of two African immigrants that were found shot in the head in the condo of linebacker Jonathan Vilma. At first, you read that and you think, wow, Vilma must really hate black people, but then you realize that Vilma himself is black, and that whole theory just falls apart. This is why I’m not a cop. If it’s true that those guys were killed because of an internet scam, I don’t see how any jury in American could convict the killer. Those spammers can lick my taint.

And Plaxico Burress asked for and received a postponement in his gun trial yesterday. Jail time is looking more imminent as plea bargaining continues. Can’t be any worse than Coughlin’s minicamp!

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