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How come there’s always some jackass that has to ruin things for everyone?  Things like bringing your own bottle of vodka on flights to Vegas so you can pass it around the back of the plane, or knocking boots in public (Hypotheticals. I swear…).  Well NBA players–and I imagine other sport leagues might follow suit–can thank Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton for getting their in-flight poker privileges taken away.

Following the Arenas/Crittenton scuffle, the Washington Wizards and New Jersey Nets are the first teams to ban gambling on team flights.  However, the Denver Nuggets crew isn’t taking this ban lightly.

“I definitely don’t think that’s something teams should do,” said [Chauncey] Billups, one of the NBA’s most respected players. “I think that when it’s done in the right way, that’s great camaraderie. Everybody likes to gamble whether it’s any kind of card game. Whatever it is, I think that it’s who you gamble with. I think that it’s the stakes that you gamble for.

“For our team, we gamble for small money. Just to waste time. Twenty dollars. If we gambled for $2,000, $2,500, $3,000, now that messes with your camaraderie. Now, when someone wants to get paid … it’s like ‘I don’t want to be around this guy.’ I think it’s about what you gamble for and who you’re with … We’re not gambling to pay bills. We’re just gambling to have fun.”–

Also speaking up against the ban are Melo, Arron Affalo, and Chris Andersen’s hair.  One might argue that if it’s “just to waste time”, why do they need to play for money at all regardless of the amount?  But everyone knows that everything is better when money is involved.  Kinda like working, or doing chores…or blowjobs–you know, all the big stuff.  The players are right, though.  Everyone shouldn’t be punished because of the actions of two idiot thugs.  If it were a recurring problem, fine;  but the guilty parties really should be the only ones held accountable here with maybe a “let this be a lesson to you” warning to the rest of the league.

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