11.07.07 10 years ago 37 Comments

My God.  I can barely look at this.  Trying to re-format this photo while eating lunch was straight out of the Bad Idea Jeans commercial.  I really don't feel well.

So, this is (St. Louis-based) JoeSportsFan's Fan of the Week, and it features a resident of Kansas City bragging about where the best mullets in Missour-ah reside: 

here is my buddy big red the best mullet in kc and the nation you think you have the best mullets here dont you st. louis suck on this hahahahahahah

Yes, business up front, party in the back.  This we already know.  But when you have that much party in the back, well, your party means business.  And that business is most likely a Wal-Mart or the local AutoZone.

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