06.16.08 10 years ago 19 Comments

Ding dong, the incompetent clown is dead.  The Seattle Mariners have finally fired general manager Bill Bavasi, the man directly responsible for the Mariners' massive and inexcusable suckitude and indirectly responsible for my anger management classes. 

Hired in 2003, just one year removed from the team's 116-win season, Bavasi did his best to sign aging players who had already to peaked to long-term deals, and if he could trade away a talented young player in the process, all the better.  I grew up loving a Mariners team that never got to .500, yet I've grown to dislike this team because he constructed it so poorly.

No one's done a better job of cataloging Bavasi's failures (while still saying what a nice person he is) than the guys at USS Mariner (check out the rejoicing here).  For further reading of material that makes me want to punch kittens, I recommend this history of terrible roster moves, with a nice chaser of statistically evaluating how much worse he is compared than other MLB GMs (hint: he's the hands-down worst).

Of course, it's perfectly likely that the M's will just hire another guy who can't find his head with two hands and a map, but for now, Bavasi's suffering is enough.  Seattle sports fans haven't been screwed over by a single person like this since… uh… the present.

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