03.11.07 11 years ago

The Chief introduced us to Gia Allemand about a week ago, and her future hubby has her in the news again because he missed his scheduled start on Friday:

"The reason I left, my girlfriend had a severe medical condition and I had to be with her," Pavano said.

Pavano didn't give specifics about the problem, but said his girlfriend is "doing well."

I bet she is doing very well Carl.  I wonder what 'severe medical condition' she was suffering from? And what was the remedy?  It's a good thing she's your fiancée pal, because I tried that 'medical' line with the judge before, and it didn't fly.

"It definitely weighed on me," Pavano said. "There definitely was a little bit of a struggle about me wanting to pitch. I went with the voice of reason because my head was kind of going in both directions. In life, sometimes there are things you've got to take care of that take precedent over that."

We've all had that struggle – Should I blow-off my scheduled nooner or should I risk losing my job?  But that wasn't the voice of reason you heard Carl, in fact, that voice is the exact opposite of reason. -KD

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