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UPDATE: WL Reader Richie found what looks like Theresa White’s MySpace page, who had this status message: “Theresa is MIA [until] further notice. Sorry to anyone I have disappointed…I really am sorry.” I’m not totally sold; the picture doesn’t look like the one at NOTW. Still, great find, Richie.

The typically-reliable New York Post is reporting that Controversial swimming champ Michael Phelps was involved in a romp with a couple of strippers over the weekend. (the capital C is more for being “corporate controversial,” not actually controversial). I guess he looked hungry and they offered to make him a sandwich:

“The sex lasted for about three hours,” Baltimore stripper Theresa White told Britain’s News of the World (NSFW). “Michael should get another Olympic gold for marathon love-making!” [That quote couldn’t have been any campier if it was read in the middle of an Old Navy commercial –Ed.]

White, 25, claims Phelps invited her and some of her lap-dancing pals to his apartment, and that’s where the action allegedly took a kinky turn after two hours of drinking. White said she approached Phelps for a three-way: “He told me he’d never had one before but said it would be with me and then pointed at another girl.

Good for him. This just illustrates the kind of champion he is, although I hope he wasn’t charged at an hourly rate. Oh, come on, you think these girls did him for free?! There’s no shame in paying for sex…unless it’s with a stripper from Baltimore. Bargain bin ass doesn’t impress anyone.

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