Ronda Rousey Is Getting Married To Fellow UFC Fighter Travis Browne

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We’re still waiting for an official decision from Ronda Rousey as to whether she’ll continue to fight in the UFC or not, but that hasn’t stopped her from living a busy life. She popped up at Standing Rock to deliver a ton of supplies to protesters fighting to stop the Dakota Access pipeline. In two weeks, we’ll get to catch Rousey guest starring on the hit NBC show Blindspot. And now we’re learning that the former UFC women’s bantamweight champion is getting married.

TMZ Sports caught the reclusive Ronda Rousey walking down the streets of Venice Beach with her now-fiance and UFC heavyweight Travis Browne with a big honkin’ engagement ring on her finger.

“We were under a waterfall in New Zealand and it felt like the right place to do it,” Browne said when asked how he proposed.

And when can we expect the wedding to go down?

“Soon!” Rousey declared. “But I don’t know what goes into planning a wedding, it could be really easy. I don’t need a lot, just some decorations and some flowers, somewhere to go, somewhere to eat, and people around!”

Just another sign that Rousey is pretty happy living her life and not focusing on another UFC comeback attempt. We’d be upset, but Ronda and Travis make such a cute couple that it makes up for things.

(via TMZ Sports)

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