05.19.09 10 years ago

Stacy Kiebler, ZZ Top, and one ridiculously obvious headline. Meh…

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  • Obvious breaches of urinal ettiquette…and one that may not be so obvious. “Having sex with an inebriated female” did not make the list. Nor should it have, honestly

    |Ramblings of the Unmotivated|

  • This guy wasn’t very nice in discussing the memories of Wayman Tisdale, but he’s got a ways to go before he catches the Penis-Wrinkle-In-Chief

    |Legend of Cecilio Guante|

  • Is Alyssa Milano sending sexy texties to Randy Johnson? Why are you looking at me like that? I always call them “sexy texties…”

    |Style Points|

  • Hef has had it with all of your stupid baseball legalese

    |Major League Jerk|

  • Here’s a fake PETA ad, starring Random Black Guy Wearing A Ski Cap as Michael Vick. Matt Vasgersian can’t believe the resemblance

    |via Landline TV|

  • A nice, brief comparison involving the slumping David Ortiz


  • Did you like this TNT spoof from Saturday Night Live last week? It’s funny (to me) because those graphics never seem to go away.


  • AAU tournaments are just as dirty as you think they are

    |Rumors & Rants|

  • Sara Ingram enjoyed the Preakness. Now you can enjoy Sara Ingram


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