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Even before Sean Avery’s “sloppy seconds” comment got him suspended, he was widely reviled as a weaselly asshole.  The final twelve seconds of the above video, which show Avery jawing with a fan on October 11th, is just one example of fans not liking him (and vice versa).  In a pretty awesome piece of grassroots journalism, FanHaus’s Eric McErlain tracked down and interviewed that fan, 59-year-old Sandie Griffith, a Predators season ticket holder since the franchise’s inception.

Griffith insisted to me that while she taunted Avery, she never used foul language. So what was Avery’s response? According to Griffith, Avery said, “You’re nothing but an old f**king c*nt, I wouldn’t even c*m in your face.” After which he sprayed her with his water bottle.

I have to hand it to Avery.  I’ve been using foul language with misogynistic overtones on this blog every day for well over two years now, and I’ve never written anything as bad as that.  And I’m hidden away in my apartment behind a computer screen; he said it to her face.  He’s so brave!

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