08.17.07 11 years ago 22 Comments

Good morning, sexy readers.  You may be wondering where the Chief is.  He just communicated via the telephone, and he seems to be trapped in a closet with some very giggly (and I assume very sexy) females on his semi-vacation.  Fear not, he sounds in good spirits.  I couldn't hear much of what he said between, "Yes, that's very good . . . " and "Now, you try that on her", but he issued a command directive that this is to be a sports-related movie clip day here at With Leather.  So, basically you get to watch scenes from my and maybe the Chief's favorite movies.  Enjoy: 

Have fun in the comments exchanging your favorite quotes from Slap Shot. I always liked, "Here's to all the gorgeous snatch down in F-L-A." -KD

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