12.03.07 10 years ago 13 Comments

[Editor's note: Every now and again something from the weekend needs to be re-posted on Monday to make sure the awesomeness gets around.  This is one such case.] 

…Well, tougher than the players at the other positions. Are there other positions in soccer? Because to the untrained and whiskey-tinged eye, it looks just like a bunch of foreigners running around kicking a ball. Anyway, watch this:

That was a pretty hard hit I guess, but it's as good as you're gonna get on You Tube since the NFL removed all the videos of the Sean Taylor/Brian Moorman hit. Thanks to handsome weekend tipster Derek, who says the forward (non-goalie) is a senior and the goalie is a freshman. I experienced similar hard-hitting action when I was a freshman in high school, except the "senior" involved was a senior citizen. She was a nun who could swing a yard stick like Vlad Guerrero. -KD

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