Tiki Barber is Retiring?

10.18.06 12 years ago 4 Comments

Well, this is weird for someone who's leading the NFL in rushing: 

During a promotional book tour in Manhattan, Barber said he was “leaning toward” retiring, and that he had “pretty much” made up his mind. Asked what would force him to reconsider, he said, “Nothing.”

Memo to every other great star athlete: be more like Tiki Barber. Leave us wanting more. Ever notice how we lament Barry Sanders's retirement, but Jerry Rice can eat a big plate of dick? It's because one of them has some class, and the other asks a Hall of Famer and the greatest Seahawk ever if he can use that guy's retired number. See also: Michael Jordan, Emmitt Smith, John Madden.

being an athlete grown old is one of the cruelest fates, to be replaced by others, to no longer hear the cheers and plaudits, to no longer be recognized, just be an old man like other old men. -Charles Bukowski

All right then. Back to dick jokes.

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