10.01.07 10 years ago 18 Comments

As toned and tan reader John pointed out, today's Page Six has a little nugget from the exciting world of children's book publishing:

WE HEAR… THAT Simon & Schuster's children's imprint has inked Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy to write a picture book for kids about a class clown who finds inspiration to follow his dreams.

Being an outstanding NFL coach pretty much guarantees that you've been a super-organized Type A asshole your entire life, so I don't know what the hell Tony Dungy thinks he knows about being a class clown.  Finding inspiration?  Following dreams?  When you're the class clown, inspiration is fart noises and following your dreams is making fart noises. 

But something tells me the inspiration for this story has a lot more to do with Jesus than with fart noises.  Which is another hole in the story.  No class clown would ever give up fart noises for Christ's eternal love.  I'm sorry, but fart noises are just too funny.

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