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Qatar, like the rest of the Middle East, is hotter than a wool sock stuffed with yellow fever. So in a way, it makes sense that the tiny nation’s capital city, Doha, is building “The Wall,” the world’s first underground stadium.

If all goes to plan, ‘The Wall’… will claim two firsts: The world’s first underground stadium and the world’s first open-air, air-conditioned stadium. […]

The stadium is apparently part of Doha’s forthcoming bid to host the 2018 World Cup and if the location was decided purely down to stadium architecture, they may have a chance. The one concern? The Wall will only be able to seat 11′000 people.

Yes, that’s the one concern about a World Cup in the Middle East.  The stadium is too small.  No, they’re not worried about playing in 130-degree heat or drawing a huge international audience to a region of the world that serves as home to terrorist organizations or that seriously, that entire part of the Earth is horrible.  Get bent, Middle East.

[The Offside]

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