Urban Meyer Also Hates Golf Writers

04.13.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

Most people hate only a certain number of writers, and can live with the rest. Urban Meyer, the current (right?) Florida Gators football coach, hates them all. All of ’em. Doesn’t matter if you cover college football or armadillo racing, he hates you and is happy to let you know this.

That’s why this story shouldn’t surprise you from Augusta National. Meyer, at the Masters with his family, decided that no matter the situation, he is above the law, and to be fair, isn’t Meyer way more important than a few silly journalists trying to do their job?

In an area around Amen Corner reserved for media, a few journalists noticed it full so they waited patiently for it to clear. When three people walked by with general admission badges, the reporters got a little flustered.

When three people left the stands, they were wearing daily Masters tickets — the kind that admits fans — not the working press credentials that are required for admittance to the viewing area. When it was pointed out to a security guard that fans had evidently gotten past him, he replied: “That was coach Urban Meyer and his family.”  — Florida Times-Union

What’s interesting about this is, Meyer might be the biggest douchebag from Florida to be around Amen Corner since Chris DiMarco nearly beat Tiger Woods in 2005.

That said, wouldn’t it just be fantastic if someone at Augusta National banned Meyer from future tickets? Now that would be a tradition unlike any other.

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