02.18.07 11 years ago

Would you pay $27,000 to watch an over-hyped superstar go through the motions?  It's a complicated question I know – yes, if the star is Jenna Jameson.  Gavin Maloof is counting on you to expand your spending horizons: 

"This is the biggest event that ever hit Las Vegas," said Gavin Maloof, whose family owns the Sacramento Kings and the Palms, where the players are staying. "No question about it, bigger than any fight. Let me tell you why. The tickets, they're brokering the tickets 10 rows up, five rows up for $27,000 a ticket.

I thought the biggest event ever to hit Las Vegas was when Debbie Reynolds joined Wayne Newton on stage in a duet.  Seriously, the NBA All-Star game?  C'mon man, gambling and prostitution are legal in this city.  Rich people shouldn't use hyperbole because they have no sense of scale.

Maloof has had a big hand in it. He said he and his brother, Joe, were talking about the idea of a neutral site All-Star game and pitched the thought of it being in their city to commissioner David Stern, who told them to bring it to Mayor Oscar Goodman on one condition: No betting on the game in the sports books. Being an exhibition that doesn't get heavy action anyway, that was no problem.

Oh wait this was your idea, no wonder you're so excited.  There's a word for people who inflate ticket prices and over-hype events because they have a financially vested interest in the proceedings.  What is it?  Oh yeah, Ticketmaster.  Screw this guy; I'm betting my paycheck on the East, and I don't need any points. -KD

(Assistant Editor Update: Thanks to Jack for pointing out that prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas.  Just because I wasn't arrested, doesn't mean that you won't be – oh wait, I've said too much. -KD)

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