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The Sports Point highlights the NYU student William Lopez who yesterday decided to make the school's graduation ceremony at Yankee Stadium his chance to fulfill Homer Simpson's lifelong wish of running onto the field at a baseball stadium. The most ginger Lopez ever was up to the task, despite wearing nothing but beige boxers and socks under his robe. He took a lap around the bases, before getting tackled by a baseball-savvy security guard who somehow predicted the running route he'd take.

Ignoring warnings to stay off the field, Lopez gave in to a spur of the moment impulse and, wearing just boxers, beige socks and brown laceups under his purple gown, he hopped the fence behind first base and raced across the diamond.

Lopez tagged third, hung on to his cap and chugged down the baseline toward home – cheered on by many classmates. A security guard tackled him before he reached the plate.

Aw. That kinda sucks. Let the kid have his fun, securitydocuhes. Why he's nothing but a…a…oh god no: 

Lopez, who lives off-campus in the Village, is shooting his senior thesis film in New York and then going to Ireland this summer. He is also an aspiring musician who sings and plays the drums for an indie folk rock band called TreeUnion.

According to its MySpace site, the band's focus is on "positivity, environmental and social awareness, peace, love and general silliness." The band is in the midst of recording a debut album called "Happy Moon Man Face."

Fuck, he's the Wavy Gravy for a new generation. Why do all the trigger-happy officers get assigned to the Bronx? And TreeUnion? You wanna broadcast any louder the fact you hump trees?

Video, provided by FanIQ, after the jump:

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