Alec Baldwin Is Practically Begging People To Follow His Dubiously Spanish-Accented Wife (Hilaria) On Instagram For Her Birthday

Maybe you have been going through life waiting for one pivotal moment to make everything worth it. Whether it be your dream job or buying a fancy new house, we are always waiting for something. And maybe, just maybe, that something is Alex Baldwin enlisting you on a very important mission to get his wife to 1 million Instagram followers. And now is the time for your big break.

The actor took to Instagram to ask everyone on Earth and the great beyond to give his American Wife Hilaria the gift of a follow. We all know Hilaria’s Instagram presence is a bit dicey, but hey, it’s her birthday and she wants 1 million people to be involved. It’s the least you could do, really, for this famous person who you have never met.

Baldwin began his pleading by joking about the date, which is….you know, a whole thing. “Hey everybody,” Baldwin began in a video. “It’s January 5th, the day before my wife’s birthday. It is my wife Hilaria’s birthday tomorrow January 6th. We don’t attach the same significance to January 6th as other people do. We just say it’s Hilaria’s birthday.” It’s also Norman Reedus’s birthday, but you don’t see him making a big stink about it.

He continued, “My wife is just, it seems like she’s just centimeters shy of 1 million followers on Instagram. And I would like to ask you, as a birthday gift, or even just [a] gesture to my wife, would you follow her on Instagram?” Well, would you? The yoga enthusiast currently sits at 996k followers.

Maybe that didn’t convince you, so here he is begging even more: “I would like as many of you as possible. I would like a really great, great, surge of you to follow my wife on Instagram to say ‘Happy Birthday’ to her. Would you do that for me? Would you follow my wife on Instagram? Please? Thanks.” He’s asking really nicely this time!

But maybe that didn’t convince you either, because Baldwin then uploaded a video featuring a few of his small army of children asking for fans to follow their mother. Will she make it to one million before midnight? Who knows! There’s always next year.

(Via Page Six)