Amy Schumer Is Diagnosed With Overexposure In This New Promo For ‘Inside Amy Schumer’

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In the eight months since season three of Inside Amy Schumer wrapped up, Amy Schumer has had quite the busy year. Her movie Trainwreck was released (which she won a Critics’ Choice Award for), she filmed her own HBO special (Amy Schumer: Live from the Apollo), she opened for freaking Madonna, she landed a hunky new boyfriend, starred in a Super Bowl commercial with Seth Rogen, and even won a Best Variety Show Emmy for the Comedy Central series.

Of course, not everyone is happy for Schumer’s success (which also made her a subject of controversy), and no one knows this better than Schumer herself. So, in the promo for season four of Inside Amy Schumer, returning on April 21, Schumer receives a scary diagnosis from her doctor that she’s been overexposed. Unfortunately the only cure is for her to go away for awhile, which means no late night appearances, podcasts, or returning to her basic cable television show.

Obviously that is not going to happen, so all the internet trolls who have become convinced that certain pop culture and entertainment websites are employed on Schumer’s payroll will have to seethe and froth and tear their hair out a little longer. Because for now, at least, Schumer is going to continue to “expose herself.”