The Bluths Are Back In The ‘Arrested Development’ Season 5 Trailer

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05.07.18 4 Comments

Arrested Development season five will premiere on May 29. No, really: after numerous false starts (almost made that presidential election deadline!), this time it’s actually happening, and Netflix has the trailer to prove it.

It’s probably been a while since you’ve watched season four (although there’s a re-cut waiting for you), so previously, on Arrested Development: George-Michael discovered he and his dad were dating the same woman; Buster was arrested for Lucille Austero’s murder; Gob was named president of the Bluth Company; and “Getaway” continues to be the number one song in the country.

The trailer for season five finds most of the Bluth family in the same room (which, after last season’s single-character episodes, is nice to see again), promising a “new new beginning.” About that: yes, Lindsay is running for Congress, but Maeby is still wearing disguises, Tobias is still blue-ing himself, George-Michael is still awkward around women, and the Bluths are as narcissistic as ever — they’re giving themselves the “Family of the Year” award.

“It seems a lot has changed over the years,” narrator Ron Howard says. “Well, not everything.” One thing that hasn’t changed: Jeffrey Tambor’s involvement with the show. The former Transparent star, who has been accused of sexual harassment from several women, will appear in season five.

Check out images from the season below.

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