‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Are Convinced That Arya Has Added Another Name To Her Kill List


Spoilers for Game of Thrones season 8 will be found below.

The Last War went down on Game of Thrones penultimate episode, entitled “The Bells.” This turned out to be a cataclysmic spectacle that took out major characters (including Jaime and Cersei Lannister) and set up the remaining chess pieces for what looks to be a bleak series finale. In the end, the much forecast Cleganebowl prompted conflicted reactions, and people cheered “Dracarys” before and during the first two-thirds of the episode. However, Daenerys transformed into the Mad Queen and decided to slaughter thousands of innocent civilians while pushing Drogon towards the Red Keep. This led to several aghast expressions from Tyrion, and Arya Stark emerged from the destruction with what looks like a new name on her list.

Indeed and if one goes back to Melisandre’s season 4 prophecy, Arya was forecast to shut a pair of green eyes forever. Until now, one could assume that Cersei was this person, but since Dany and Drogon buried Cersei in rubble, the prophecy must now be satisfied in a different way. Arya was, of course, on hand to kill Cersei (as she gamely declared to a soldier while approaching King’s Landing), and she survived Dany’s assault on the Red Keep to witness the suffering of women and children. She’s horrified, and it’s certainly not a stretch to believe that she’s reacting with an addition to her Kill List.

Who is that person? There’s really only one answer according to viewers on Twitter, and that would be the Mother of Dragons.

Since we’re talking about Arya, it’s also worth noting that people are paying tribute to The Hound for staying loyal to her as a father figure until the very end.