The Biggest Takeaways From ‘Bel-Air’ Season 2, Episode 3

(WARNING: Spoilers for this week’s Bel-Air episode will be found below.)

Most of the main characters on Bel-Air faced big tests in this season’s second episode. Season two of the series continued last week with Will ruffling feathers with his basketball. He placed his personal goals above that of the team, and though they were winning, his connection with them withered away with each possession. Hilary and Jazz faced new issues in their young relationship, which they were able to work out, but that wasn’t so much the case with her and Ivy’s complicated business relationship. Carlton is called to step up to the plate for the right cause, but internal doubts and a struggle to choose a side make it harder for him to make the best decision for himself. For some, things got better and for others, things stayed the same, but for the rest, the worst had yet to come.

For the third episode in season two of Bel-Air, titled “Compromise,” Will and Carlton go through with their plans to hold a school protest for Mrs. Hughes at Bel-Air Academy. While Will wants to proceed full-stream ahead with the protest, Carlton is a bit hesitant due to warnings from a fellow teacher. Though, his desire to do something right, and also impress his new crush Yazmin, make for a tough decision that leads to a concerning breakdown at the end of the episode. Elsewhere, Hilary and Ivy continue to but heads as leaders of the influencer house and it leads to Hilary going against Ivy to make a decision that she sees is best for the house. Elsewhere, there are new developments in Phil and Geoffrey’s somewhat repaired friendship, while Will and Lisa’s love story might not be over.

Here are some of the biggest takeaways that we have after season two’s third episode, “ Compromised”:

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Will And Lisa Have Unfinished Business

I know you saw it! The sparks are still flying between Will and Lisa. If things go as they did in the original series, we can expect the two to be together sooner than later, but for now, let’s just focus on the reboot. In episode three, Will and Lisa run into each other in the hallways of Bel-Air Academy as Lisa checks to make sure that it’s okay that she comes to the Bank mansion to help with the protest for Mrs. Hughes. It’s an awkward, yet sweet moment between the two that leads to Lisa checking in on Carlton and seeing what’s up with the new and more confident Will. Sure, it’s only been a couple of episodes since Will called for a break in their relationship, but if you thought the romance between them was gone, this scene showed that it’s still alive — even if it’s to a small degree.

The Hilary And Ivy Chronicles Will Get Worse Before They Get Better

We saw this coming from the beginning of the season. Hilary and Ivy have yet to be on the same page since teaming up to take over the influencer house. Ivy is focused on using the house to push her brand, while Hilary wants to outsource and use the talent in the influencer house to bring in big brands that will elevate her and the house. In “Compromised,” Hilary and Ivy’s business relationship worsens when Hilary struggles to get Ivy to hear her out about a deal with the Simply Spiked team. When Hilary finally gets a hold of Ivy, her proposal for the drink deal is turned down in favor of Ivy’s desire to focus solely on her “H2Ivy” drink. A frustrated Hilary decides to go ahead and make the deal despite Ivy’s decision. It won’t end well, but we’ll just have to wait and see how things pan out between the two. Surely though, it’ll only get worse before it gets better.

'Bel-Air' S2 E2 Phil & Geoffrey

Phil And Geoffrey Don’t Trust Each Other

Geoffrey is back in the Banks mansion, and while things appear normal, that is far from the case. In this season’s fourth episode, Geoffrey is in Phil’s office looking for something in the desk’s drawers. He even goes as far as to try and access a password-protected file on Phil’s computer. His search is cut short when Phil enters the room, but things get even odder after Geoffrey exits. When Geoffrey is gone, Phil nervously checks his desk and his laptop. Look, it doesn’t take the smartest person in the room to realize Phil has something that he’s hiding from Geoffrey, and Geoffrey is determined to find it. The overarching note is that despite the duo patching things up from their season one fallout, Phil and Geoffrey don’t fully trust each other.

Will Doesn’t Understand Carlton As Much As He Should

Before this episode in the Bel-Air series, Will didn’t seem to be privy to the anxiety issues that Carlton is dealing with. However, in “Compromised,” Phils pulls Will aside and asks him to keep an eye on Carlton. It comes after Phil and Vivian decided to lower Carlton’s anxiety medication dosage. Even with this, Will seems to brush aside the severity of this conversation by saying everything that Carlton does is weird. Though Phil and Will come to an understanding, Will seems to prioritize his own wishes over paying attention to signs of any issues with Carlton. Will pushes Carlton to lead the protest for Mrs. Hughes despite his discomfort. There are pressures from both sides on Carlton. The BSU wants him to deliver the speech, while some teachers and administration want him to reel in the protest. Instead of relieving these pressures, Will added to them by making Carlton go through with the plan without attending to his concerns and hesitance. The only hope is that Will realizes the reason behind Carlton’s towering stress at the end of the episode. Furthermore, the hope is that Will will be more attentive to Carlton in the future so they can be the strong and unified duo they both want to be.

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