The ‘Big Mouth’ Season 6 Trailer Gives Birth To A ‘Perfect Little Sex Monster’

Now that Nick Kroll has finished his promotional duties for Don’t Worry Darling, he can return to his day job: voicing the proud father of a “sex monster.”

In the trailer for Big Mouth season six, Maury (one of many characters voiced by the Kroll Show comedian, along with Nick, Lola, and Coach Steve) gives birth to a baby hormone monster. When Matthews (Andrew Rannells) asks if it’s a boy or girl, Maury replies, “Don’t impose your fascist, cis-human gender norms on this perfect little sex monster.” The trailer also features Andrew (John Mulaney) dressing up like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman; Jay (Jason Mantzoukas) learning he has a secret half-brother; Missy getting embarrassed by her dad at a daddy-daughter dance; and Jessi (Jessi Klein) feeling sibling rivalry for her father’s new daughter. The feeling is mutual. “This is my family now, and I don’t want a bitch sister,” the literal baby thinks.

Horny monsters, swearing babies, and Richard Kind? Missed you, Big Mouth.

Guest stars in season six include Adam Levine (is it too late to make a DM joke?), Annaleigh Ashford, Amber Ruffin, Brian Tyree Henry, Chris O’Dowd, Cole Escola, Ed Helms, Ira Glass, Jeff Goldblum, Peter Capaldi, Steve-O, and Tyler the Creator.

Big Mouth returns to Netflix on October 28.